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   A note about The Wolfpack: The Wolfpack is not a clan, but rather a group of friends from multiple clans that tend to team up in common games. Wolfpack members are just as likely to play against each other, as to team up against a common foe. Assassin of the Harmattan Vanguard is just one member of the Wolfpack. For a link to the Wolfpack ArmA 3 server page of this site, visit the menu links to the left. In Star Citizen, the Wolfpack name was updated to Sirius Cluster Incorporated.

   The Harmattan Vanguard Clan was founded on October 14th, 2007 by Assassin. Assassin had just left the Harmattan Brigade, to found a sister Clan, Harmattan Vanguard. Assassin took everything he liked about the Big :]-[:, and expanded on it to create Harmattan Vanguard. Although originally designed to run alonside the former clan, on October 19th, 2007; the Harmattan Brigade officially disbanded after being an active competitor of the Battlefield series through BF1942, BF-Vietnam, and BF2. The spirit of the Big :]-[: lived on within Assassin and Phantom, both previous admins of the Harmattan Brigade.

   Where as the Harmattan is the unstoppable storm raging across the African desert, the Harmattan Vanguard is the front of that storm, charging forward to lead the way through the example we set. Where-as the Harmattan Brigade was known for its fair play and skill, Harmattan Vanguard would become known within the fore-front of the Anti-Cheat Community. For several years, you could find :]v[: admin active within PBbans, Punkbuster, and BustedPunks anti-cheat communities. The Clan tag is a combination of the stylized H (first letter of Harmattan) modified to show the first letter of Vanguard. And thus, :]v[: was chosen as the Clan's tag.

   The Harmattan Vanguard is a gaming Clan of the traditional sense. It has one leader, the sole founder, Assassin. Responsibilities for administering and maintaining the Clan and its servers are spread to Clan Admin, though the founder retains the abilitiy to veto any application, vote, rule, or policy of Vanguard. This ensures that the Clan will always stay true to its founder's original intent.

   A stricter-than-most Code of Conduct was devised to prevent any uncertainty on what behavior is or is not allowed. Harmattan Vanguard members are held to a higher standard than members of most other Clans. Each is expected to be a shining example of fairplay. Unlike most Clans that accept all who apply, each applicant to Harmattan Vanguard will be screened to make sure that they are able (and willing) to follow the Code of Conduct, and will conduct themselves with maturity in-game, in our websites and servers, and in the exercise of any admin abilities. Votes by the Clan members help determine which applicants or recruits are accepted into the Clan, as well as how to spend Clan funds, and which games to run on Clan servers. There is also a mechanism for which Clan members can vote to remove a disruptive member from the Clan.

   In June 2012, the Harmattan Vanguard officially disbanded, after proving through BF2, BF:Bad Company, COD:MW, and BF3 that the best players don't need to cheat to win - and making a name for themselves within the ranks of several anti-cheat communities (PunksBusted, PBBans, BustedPunks). Harmattan Vanguard members could be found at the top of their games' leaderboards, all while proving that fair play and good tactics can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

   The following members wore the :]v[: tag with distinction:

:]v[: A.Tokarski
:]v[: Tuor
:]v[: Phantom
:]v[: Nubsternator
:]v[: Gpjoe
:]v[: Turk
:]v[: Deathwish
:]v[: MavR1ck
:]v[: Spartan
:]v[: Steinmann
:]v[: Sublime
:]v[: Niwa
   Although technically disbanded, you'll still spot some of our members sporting the :]v[: , [HARM] or [Hv] tags in ArmA 3, World of Warships, BattleTech, Mechwarrior, ARK Survival Evolved, and other games online. Perhaps one day we'll again seek recruits, but one thing is for certain, only the best will ever get to wear the Harmattan Vanguard :]v[: tag.


US Threat Level

Dept. Homeland Security
:]v[: Anti-Cheat

Most Clans claim to be Anti-Cheat, but for most that's as far as it goes. Here at :]v[: we actually mean it. Every one of our Members is on the look out for cheaters, and we work to get them banned Whether it's through reviewing screenshots, demos, fraps, server log files, and setting traps for those employing cheats; The Harmattan Vanguard Clan is serious about ridding the game of all those who seek to ruin it for everyone else.
:]v[: Recruiting

The Harmattan Vanguard Clan is currently not recruiting. However, the Wolfpack does on occassion accept lone wolves into its pack. Join Discord, and get to know us.
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