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   The Harmattan Vanguard in conjunction with the Wolfpack, are pleased to present the Wolfpack ArmA 3 server.

Server Theme
   Tanoa has decended into the control of a warlord, and the world has had enough of this Warlord's tantrums. This is where you come in. As a Special Forces Operator you've been tasked with overthrowing the Warlord, and more importantly you are to ensure that no unfriendly nation does it first. Skilled in asymetric warfare, you have been given complete freedom in how you choose to complete this mission. You will likely need to live off the land, and 'requisition' supplies from the Warlord's soldiers. On occassion supply drops will be made, but you'll need to get to them first - before the Warlord or your rivals steal them.

   Missions are populated with the Warlord's soldiers; the supply crates found at vehicle crash sites and gear crate markers were sent by your government but captured by the Warlord's corrupt security forces. Random patrols of security forces comb the islands hunting for you. You can tell the difference between the soldiers and security forces by their uniforms and gear. The traders are actually the Warlord's soldiers operating a black market. They are very greedy and will sell to anyone who earns their respect. This also means that they restrict what they'll sell to you. There are over a hundred custom recipes on the server, and more are added on a regular basis. i.e if you can't find matches or can't afford a safe, you can craft them. Found a bag of .338 SPMG ammo, but you need 10rnd mags, grab a pair of plyers and craft them. The list of recipes in the XM8 does not include many of the custom recipes available. Double click every item in your inventory to see what it can craft (even ammo).

   Food is scarce and controlled by the Warlord's security forces. You've been given a knife, and can use it to gut animals and cook their meat. A fishing net can be used from any boat to catch fish. You can make clean drinking water by crafting it from dirty or salty water, but finding sources of pure fresh water will be difficult. Random patrols search for anyone violating curfews or carrying contraband, and will attempt to hunt you down if you are discovered.

   Some items can only be found, while others can only be purchased. The list of what is available at the traders can change, depending on the availability of the black market. Land and water vehicles are limited to 500pts of armor, and infantry weapons are limited to calibers of up to 9.3mm (roughly .35 caliber). Shoulder and vehicle fired lock-on weapons are available, but helicopters are limited to guns and dumb-fire rockets.

   Of course the real question is, do you have what it takes to succeed under these conditions, or do you turn back and admit that the Wolfpack server was too difficult for you?

Server Rules
   There is only room for two asses on this server, and Assassin fills both slots - so don't be an Ass; that's Assassin's job, and he's so good at it that the word "ass" appears twice in his name.

   This is a PvP server, you are a legitimate target right up until the moment you step into a safezone. With that said, don't camp the safezones. That's just weak gameplay. Stealing from the safezone is not allowed and will not be tolerated. The ONLY exception is if a vehicle is left in the safezone over a restart. When the server comes back online it will unlock and be fair game, the first one in the driver's seat is the new owner. There are two 'trader cities' with safezones on the map, and several specialized traders located elsewhere. These specialized traders are not safezones. Don't expect the Warlord's corrupt soldiers to protect you there. However, since the Warlord's soldiers depend on the cash generated by the black market, it is in their best interest to strictly enforce truce and no stealing policies within the safezones.

   If you experience a problem, seek an in-game solution first. Don't expect admin-magic to rescue you. If you flipped over a vehicle or get it stuck (and the flip command isn't working for you), try towing it out with another vehicle. ArmA is an amazing game, but in its attempt to model realistic physics, it comes with bugs - suck it up and deal with it.

   Do not place mines or explosives on the large bridges connecting the islands.

Base Building Rules & General Info
   All flags must be placed at least 200m from any high value, industrial, or military loot spawning structure; and no flag may be placed anywhere on radiation island. Since no loot will spawn near a flag radius, this is meant to preserve the high value loot spawns.

   Baseraiding is encouraged. All flags must be placed, and bases built, such that an attacker standing on DRY ground can reach the flag without needing to grind or breach more than 5 barriers in total. The attacker must then be able to walk out of the base using the same path they used to get in. Those 5 barriers can be any combination of doors, gates, walls, floors, or any other destructable/grindable objects so long as there exists a path of no more than 5 to reach the base of the flag. Nothing in this rule says you need to make it obvious which path that is, just that there be a path. Bases will be inspected by admin to ensure that they comply. If your base violates this rule, admin may at their discretion delete barriers until only 5 remain or may delete the base in its entirety.

   No floating bases. Bases must be connected to solid (dry) ground. This means no sky bases 3000m in the sky, and no bases floating on the water (remember an attacker must be able to start their raid from dry ground, on foot). A base may extend out over water or out from a cliff, so long as the raidable path starts on dry land.

   Bases are restricted to a height of no more than 5 walls high. Giant Space Penis Bases will not be tolerated here. If a vehicle will be used to fire out from the base, then the area to be used as a shooting platform must be open to the sky, and the vehicle is prohibited from firing thru any portal (window, etc.). If you plan to use a vehicle from inside or atop your base to shoot out, then those outside the base must have a realistic opportunity to be able to shoot back. This is to prevent the game from descending into a game of fort-wars with tanks simply firing out from windows at others knowing that the bullet and shell arcs of incoming rounds won't be able to achieve the needed trajectory to pass thru the window and still hit the vehicle beyond. If in doubt, ask an admin. Better to ask up front before you spend time building something that will just get deleted.

   Bases are not allowed within 1km of any spawn town or trader, and must not obstruct any road or bridge. No two base parts (within reason) can share the same snap point. In other words, you can place 4 walls, one behind the other - but you can't place 4 walls all in the exact same spot. Again, if in doubt - use your words, and ask.

   You are not allowed to place a wall horizontally and use it as a floor. If a surface is meant to be walked on, it must be a floor. Intentionally using walls as ramps or floors so Infistar knocks out, teleports, or kills enemy players if they attempt to walk on it, is not allowed.

   Base rent is due every 30 days, bases that default on their rent will delete 5 days after that (and all doors and safes within will unlock on that last day). Vehicles and storage objects placed outside a flag radius must be interacted with at least once every 15 days, or they will auto-delete. Campfires and workbenches will delete every couple of days outside a flag radius to keep them from choking the server. Virtual Garage - EVEN VEHICLES IN VIRTUAL GARAGES WILL DELETE ON THE 15th DAY OF NO INTERACTION.

Rules For The Admin
   Since admin will need to inspect bases for compliance with the basebuilding rules, no admin may participate in the grinding or breaching of a base (since the admin will know the raidable path to the flag). Admin are prohibited from sharing information about the raidable path of a base to players of another team.

   Admin should seek in-game solutions to problems before resorting to admin-magic.

   Admin are prohibited from joining an Exile Family with non-admin. Admin may group up with players, but only if their admin abilities are turned off. If the admin is grouped with other players, and needs to use admin-magic to help another player or group, the admin should leave the first group so as to avoid giving away the second group's position to the first group.

   Donations are welcomed, either one-time donations or small monthly subscriptions (prefered). In either case, there will be no in-game rewards for donations made to fund the server. Monetized servers are a cancer. As a donor you will have our gratitude (and a fun place to play), but if you are looking for in-game perks there are plenty of other servers that sell them... This isn't one of them.




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Dept. Homeland Security
:]v[: Anti-Cheat

Most Clans claim to be Anti-Cheat, but for most that's as far as it goes. Here at :]v[: we actually mean it. Every one of our Members is on the look out for cheaters, and we work to get them banned Whether it's through reviewing screenshots, demos, fraps, server log files, and setting traps for those employing cheats; The Harmattan Vanguard Clan is serious about ridding the game of all those who seek to ruin it for everyone else.
:]v[: Recruiting

The Harmattan Vanguard Clan is currently not recruiting. However, the Wolfpack does on occassion accept lone wolves into its pack. Join Discord, and get to know us.
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